Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the main difference between a Drysuit and a Wetsuit?

A wetsuits relies on you getting wet and the neoprene layer acting as insulation to keep you warm.

A drysuit works by keeping you warm and dry, you can vary what you wear underneath ensuring you always keep warm no matter what the temperature. Wetsuits rely on having more then one and using a thicker suit the colder it is.

Mission Drysuits are designed to be very breathable keeping you at desired temperatures with overheating.

The suits are also much more flexible then conventional Drysuits and so unlike wetsuits they are very comfortable and help stop fatigue that you get wearing a wetsuit.

Mission Drysuits keep you on the water longer and dryer and when you stop you don’t have to put on a freezing cold and wet suit back on.


We manufacture many types of Drysuit each sport has its own unique requirements, and features, Windsurfing, Sup, Foiling, Kayaking, Sailing, Kitesurfing all of these have special requirements for movement, reinforcements fabrics we have a complete solution for each sport. We also manufacture special suits for many people who have their own special needs. Contact us to discuss how we can help.

We sell to recognised shops and offer certain discounts and areas which can be discussed with our sales managers.

We accept most types of cards and payments.

All orders are tracked so if there are any delivery issues we can contact the deliver company concerned.

Products that are normal stock it is no problem to return them in line with out term and conditions, generally if the product is manufactured specially for you it is only possible if it is not fit for purpose although we will do our best to alter or change the product until it is exact what you want.

You can cancel your order no problem however if it is being manufactured for you and that has started it might be possible, or there may be a charge.

Yes if we offer any special codes you will be able to use these.